Rosary Pledge Club List and Rules

The rosary clubs don't really meet unless they want to. To be a club member, you just need to pray at least one 5-decade Rosary a week and meet the individual club requirements. You need to qualify and re-sign your name on the website every 6 months to remain on the list. The list starts out fresh on July 1 and January 1 of the year. [Since we're kicking off the challenge on September 12, 2015, the first group will not need to re-sign until July 1, 2016.] You can belong to as many Rosary Clubs as you wish!

To join a club and get your name on the website download a copy of the club form (click here) and email or drop off in church office.


For the Daily Mass Faithful

Register your Clubs:

Click below to download a list of all clubs, and a form to fill out and email or return to the church office.

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To submit your Pledge Level and Club registration form; email your name, and pledge level/clubs to:

To submit how many Rosaries you have completed email: