The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

1st Glorious Mystery

On Good Friday, Jesus’ body is placed in the tomb and His soul descends to the dead to announce the news of redemption. Fearing that the body may be taken, the chief priests place guards in front of the tomb. On Easter Sunday, the angel rolls back the stone of the tomb to reveal its emptiness, and the guards flee in astonishment and fear. Christ then appears to His disciples, risen from the dead in all His glory and splendor. This mystery teaches us that Christ Himself is the source of our future resurrection. Christ lives in the hearts of His faithful who await their fulfillment.

The Ascension of Jesus to Heaven

2nd Glorious Mystery

Jesus reigned on Earth for forty days, confirming the authenticity of His resurrection from the dead. During this time, Christ employs His apostles with a mission of preaching the gospel to all the ends of the Earth. Jesus then, spreading his pierced hands over His people, ascends gloriously into Heaven. Although Christ’s visible presence left the Earth, He did not leave His people as orphans. Rather, expressed that He would be with them in Spirit until the end of time. This mystery teaches us of the unfailing hope we are to have in Christ and His promise. No longer is our home merely the here and now, rather, we have an eternal home that awaits us in Heaven with Christ.

The Descent of the Holy Ghost

3rd Glorious Mystery

On the day of Pentecost, the Apostles, along with the Blessed Mother gathered together in the upper room where the last supper had taken place just a short time ago. A mighty wind began to fill the house and the Holy Spirit descended upon them in the form of flames. Infused with the gifts of the Spirit, the Apostles began to speak in tongues and preach the gospel message with new found vigor and fearlessness. Christ’s Church is instituted at this time, and the Holy Sprit rests upon Her, never to leave. This mystery teaches us of the many gifts Christ grants us through His Holy Spirit. The most precious gift being the gift of His Church, with which we are brought together to share in the communion of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Assumption of Mary into Heaven

4th Glorious Mystery

The Blessed Mother Mary lives many years on Earth following Jesus’ ascension into Heaven, during which time, she provides comfort and support to the beloved apostles. When Mary’s Earthly mission came to completion, She was assumed body and soul into Heaven, since she was uncorrupted by sin. Mary’s assumption presents us with the beauty and dignity found in the perfect union of body and soul. Through this mystery we are given insight into the last judgment, when we will all be reunited eternally with our souls in Heaven.

Mary is Crowned as Queen of Heaven and Earth

5th Glorious Mystery

Mary was certainly imbued with a unique holiness from the moment of her conception. As she comes before her Divine Son, she is crowned as Queen of Heaven and Earth, and their hearts overflow with joy from this Heavenly reunion. Mary serves as a powerful intercessor because she stood so close to Christ in His suffering. Through the mystery of the coronation, we are shown Mary as our merciful Queen and loving Mother, who will plead our cause until the very end.